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Hoi-An Restaurant
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Online ordering from Hoi-An at the Westberry

Welcome to the Hoi-An online ordering service, where you can quickly order restaurant-quality food for speedy collection or delivery. Please use the search features on the left to find each dish that you want to order, then use the "Qty" feature to add to your order. To finalise your order, click 'View Cart' on the far right and follow the instructions. If you have any special request please contact us directly by phone.

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.

Vietnamese Curry
A mild and fragrant Vietnamese curry slow cooked in coconut milk, infused with exotic spices
Vietnamese Chicken Curry
Vietnamese Beef Curry
Vegan Vietnamese "chicken" CurrySuitable for Vegetarians
Prawn Crackers£2.00Qty:
Duck Spring rolls£5.25Qty:
with a soya dip
Spicy Pork & Sesame on Ciabatta£5.25Qty:
with a soya dip
Chicken Satay£5.75Qty:
with a peanut sauce
Crispy Wonton£5.75Qty:
filled with pork & prawns, served with a sweet chilli dip
Hoi-An special chicken Wings£5.75Qty:
5-spice flavour, served with Hoi-An BBQ sauce
Vegan mini Vegetable Spring RollsSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
with a sweet chilli dip
Spicy Vegan "Pork" & Sesame on CiabattaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.25Qty:
with a soya dip
Vegan Crispy WontonSuitable for Vegetarians£5.75Qty:
with vegan filling, served with a chilli dip
Vegan Crispy DumplingSuitable for Vegetarians£5.75Qty:
with a soya dip
Hoi-An Platter (for 2 sharing)
Hoi-An Vegan PlatterSuitable for Vegetarians£12.95Qty:
Vegan "prawn" crackers, Mini spring rolls, Vegan "Chicken" Satay, Vegan "pork" & sesame on Ciabatta, Popcorn tofu and hot Kimchi
Hoi-An Platter£12.95Qty:
Prawn crackers, Mini spring rolls, Chicken satay, Pork & sesame on Ciabatta, Chicken wings
Char-Siu Pork£11.95Qty:
Family recipe roast marinated pork on a bed of stir-fried vegetables, drizzled with a Szechuan peppercorn glaze
Grilled Fillet of Seabass£13.25Qty:
On a bed of stir-fried vegetables, drizzled with home-made Tamarind sauce
Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken (complete)
A traditional Vietnamese dish featuring a piquant marinated chicken leg served on a bed of egg fried rice
Lemongras with rice£13.95Qty:
Lemongrass with noodles£13.95Qty:
Lemongrass with Egg fried rice£13.95Qty:
Oriental Roast DuckSuitable for Vegetarians£15.95Qty:
Half a boneless roast duck drizzled with a plum & passion fruit sauce, served with noodles.
Vegan Prawn Crackers£2.45Qty:
Vegan Char-siu "Pork"Suitable for Vegetarians£11.95Qty:
Family recipe roast marinated vegan "pork" on a bed of stir-fried vegetables, drizzled with a Szechuan peppercorn glaze
Stir-fried Chicken & Cashew Nuts£9.95Qty:
with a spicy Teriyaki sauce
Fiery Chilli Chicken£9.95Qty:
With three types of chilli to make sure the heat meets your expectations.
Stir-fried Char-siu Pork & King Prawn£13.95Qty:
with garlic & oyster sauce
Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables & tofuSuitable for Vegetarians£8.95Qty:
with ginger, honey & chilli (vegan)
Vegan Stir-fried "Chicken" & Cashew NutsSuitable for Vegetarians£9.95Qty:
with a spicy Teriyaki sauce
Vegan Fiery Chilli "Chicken"Suitable for Vegetarians£9.95Qty:
With three types of chilli to make sure the heat meets your expectations.
Vegan Stir-fried Char-siu "Pork" & Vegan "Beef"Suitable for Vegetarians£13.95Qty:
with vegan "oyster" sauce & garlic
Vegan "Beef" with chilli & black bean sauceSuitable for Vegetarians£11.95Qty:
a "must try" dish for vegans and non-vegans alike.
Chicken Fricassee£14.25Qty:
Mushrooms, Pancetta, Cream sauce, Vegetables & Sauteed Potatoes
Cornish Braised Beef in Cornish Ale£15.95Qty:
With vegetables and mashed potatoes
3-Cheese Beef Burger (6oz)from £12.95Add to Cart
with Bacon, Pickled Onion, Dijon Mayonnaise, Burger Bun & Fries
Chicken New Yorker£12.95Qty:
with Cheese, Bacon, Bourbon BBQ sauce, toasted Bun & Fries
Vegan "Chicken" FricasseeSuitable for Vegetarians£14.25Qty:
with Mushroom, Vegan "Bacon", "Creamy" sauce, Vegetables & Sauteed Potatoes
Egg fried Rice£3.95Qty:
Steamed Jasmine RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.25Qty:
Stir-fried NoodlesSuitable for Vegetarians£4.75Qty:
with Beansprouts & Spring Onions
French FriesSuitable for Vegetarians£3.75Qty:
Stir-fried VegtablesSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Sweet & Sour Chicken£9.95Qty:
With Hoi-An special sweet & sour sauce
Lemon Chicken£9.95Qty:
with our home made fresh tangy lemon sauce
Hoi-An Special Fried Rice£15.95Qty:
With char-siu pork, chicken, king prawns and a free range fried egg
Hoi-An Special Fried Noodles£15.95Qty:
With char-siu pork, chicken, king prawns and a free range fried egg
Vegan Sweet & Sour "Chicken"Suitable for Vegetarians£9.95Qty:
Home-made vegan "chicken" with our Hoi-An special sweet & sour sauce
Vegan Lemon ChickenSuitable for Vegetarians£9.95Qty:
With our home-made tangy lemon sauce.
Hoi-An Vegan Special Fried RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£15.95Qty:
With vegan char-siu "pork", "chicken", "egg" and popcorn tofu
Hoi-An Vegan Special Fried NoodlesSuitable for Vegetarians£15.95Qty:
With vegan char-siu "pork","chicken","egg" and popcorn tofu
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